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Offline, wide format folder.

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It is an automatic fan folding unit of Rigoli s.r.l. characterized by a surprising combination of quality and speed with a very interesting price.
The RIG.800 represents the ideal solution of all your problems with folding in a simple and professional way. With limited footprints, it produces impeccable results of your drawings coming out of large copiers and plotters.
Technical Features
  • Automatic folding machine with digital technology, for paper sheets 92 cm wide (36') and unlimited length, in 3 meters multiple-sections.
  • Folds any type of drawings, also ink-jet, with a high quality that was not possible before on similar machines with limited price.
  • Working without any noise, it may be installed anywhere in your office, thanks also to the very limited dimensions 117 x 100 cm.
  • The possibility to rotate the feeding table when not in use, will reduce any more the depth to only 50 cm.
  • Digital technology offers a wide range of folding options at truly impressive speed, 7 A0 formats per minute.
  • Multi-programmable, with or without Filing margin 20 mm, and with Fold width adjustable 170-220 mm in 1 mm steps.
  • Automatic measurement of the length of any drawing during folding.
  • Modular construction for installation on your table or with strong stand.

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