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Offline, wide format folder. The art of folding.

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The RIG.801 is a high-performance automatic folding unit from Rigoli s.r.l. Digital technology offers a wide range of folding options at truly impressive speed. The RIG.801 is the ideal solution to satisfy the requirements of every Copy Centre. The RIG.801 is designed and constructed for intensive professional use providing maximum reliability and efficiency also with high volumes of large format drawings folding.
Technical Features
  • It folds sheets up to 107 cm wide and unlimited length in 4-metre sections.
  • Real (not ‘peak’) throughput of about 17 meters per minute. Negligible pause between each fold - unlike competing models.
  • Digital technology with four programmed folding modes: 
    • A) Presentation mode - first and last folds form identical-width covers;
    • B) Filing mode with projecting border of 20 mm (configurable for other widths);
    • C) Parallel mode with width of last fold unspecified;
    • D) Cross-fold mode (max. A0) with second-pass fold adjustable from 280 to 310 mm;
  • Width of fold adjustable in all modes from 175 to 215 mm in one-millimetre steps.
  • Automatic measurement of copy length simplifies billing for service providers.
  • Sheets should be aligned to the left side before insertion.
  • Back or front copy ejection depending on folding mode chosen.
  • Special fitting for smooth operation with rolled-up sheets.
  • Silent operation.
  • Sturdy floor stand with castors.
  • Small footprint - 134 X 107 X 104 (h) cm.
  • Net weight 120 kg.

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