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Online folding system compatible with most important copiers and plotters wide format.

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The RIG.807 is a compact on line folding system that offers fully-featured folding, collation and stacking. The compact design saves much valuable floor space without sacrificing features. it is supplied with all the necessary accessories to obtain folding in final format A4 of all your drawings.
The RIG.807 Series can be easily connected to a wide range of laser copiers/plotters present on the market with the printing speed up to 14,4 m/min.
Models available:
  • RIG.807 - for print-engine up to 6 m/min.
  • RIG.807 plus - for print-engine up to 10 m/min.
  • RIG.807 plus.8 - for K8000/9000 up to 14,4 m/min
RIG.807 includes as standard:
  • Fan folder
  • Cross folder
  • Folded copies stacker on the top
  • Vertical tray, on the rear, for unfolded prints
  • Motorized flat stacker to collect unfolded prints up to 150 A0.
  • Remote controller to select folding programs from copier.
Technical Features
  • Fan and cross folding in one step.
  • Max width of paper: 91,4 cm.
  • Max length: up to 3 meters fan and cross folding; over 3 meters only fan folding.
  • Digital technology with the following programs:
  • Programmed folding - first and last folding perfectly equal in width.
  • Filing folding with border of 20 mm (configurable for other width) for files storage.
  • Cross fold mode in format A4 in one step
  • Fan fold size: selectable from 175 mm to 215 mm with 1 mm step.
  • Cross fold size: selectable from 280 mm to 310 mm with 1 mm step.
  • Speed of folding is sinchronyzed with the printing speed of the connected plotter.
  • Folded copies stacker (for up to 180 A0) on the top of the machine on the horizontal belt.
  • Vertical tray, on the rear, for unfolded prints.
  • High quality of folding, thanks to the modern digital technology applied.
  • Model with very reduced dimensions: 151(W) x 116(L) x 110(H) cm – 275 Kg.

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