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Who we are

Rigoli s.r.l. is a new, innovative company with a team of young professionals, which continues the activity of the well known Rigoli FIME s.r.l. which had a history of 70 years in printing and reproduction sector of large format drawings; first with professional heliographic machines and then with more and more advanced systems like online folders and scanners.



Rigoli FIME was a pioneer in Italy by bringing the KIP® digital technology for copying CAD and GIS drawings first to the Italian market. Later on was the first starting to distribute the large format color scanners as repro and digitalization solutions.

Rigoli s.r.l. continues the work on designing and producing new type of online and offline folders, cutter units for the Italian and the international markets. Besides these activities, Rigoli s.r.l. is the exclusive reseller and service provider for Contex scanners in Italy.

We have inherited the exceptional technical and innovative capabilities from Rigoli FIME, that created the revolutionary ThunderJet project, based on the Memjet® technology: a beast, that could print and fold full colour images at a speed of 18 meters / minute at 1600 x 800 dpi.

We are eager to show new projects and bring high quality solutions to the market with the usual professionalism that has always characterized us.

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Rigoli srl

Rigoli Srl Facebook Rigoli Srl Youtube Channel

Via Riva di Trento, 24 - 20139 - MILANO (Italy)

Tel: +39 02 917 66210

Fax: +39 02 917 66922


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