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HD Ultra X 4290 ScanStation PRO

The ultimate scanning experience

Boost your scan, copy and archiving productivity to get the best out of all your originals. It’s the most productive scanner for scanning service professionals.

Fully featured software included

Our award-winning software Nextimage 5 is included in the bundle

Increase efficiency by more than 30%

All the ScanStation Pro features create a more productive environment

Adaptable to your workflow

The ScanStation Pro solution can adjust to almost any workflow

ScanStationPro is a truly professional solution

Only ScanStationPro can give you quality like no other combined with the most efficient way to scan, copy, file or archive large-format documents on the market. With 30% more productivity than your current scanner setup can provide, you get an unmatched Return On Investment (ROI) with the ScanStation Pro solution.

Improved efficiency so you can take on more projects. End to end, no other scanner can compete with ScanStationPro.

Use the ScanStation Pro solution with a stand-alone scanner or combine it with your preferred printer. If you choose to get the ScanStation Pro to create an MFP solution with a scanner and a printer working together you might enjoy the included high or low floor stand you can use to save office space. Just place the scanner on top of your printer or in a side-by-side position.

The ScanStation Pro solution makes it easier for you to create an environment with an efficient workflow, because of the accessible and full-featured touchscreen.

Five feautures you’ll like

Award-winning software

The ScanStation Pro includes the full package Nextimage software.

Fast batch scanning

Save valuable time with the batch scanning feature that can automate a big chunk of your workflow.

Swipe, pinch and zoom

Use all the classic touchscreen hand gestures and edit away.

Edit with superb clarity

The 21.5-inch integrated HD touchscreen lets you work with your scanned files in high definition.

Adapts to your company infrastructure

Pair up your ScanStation Pro solution with your existing office equipment. The hardware and software fits like a glove into most office environments.

Perfect for

The ScanStation Pro solution is ideal for a professional setting. Having the computer, a touchscreen and best-in-class software as an integrated part of the scanner save you valuable time when scanning needs to be easy, fast and in high quality. You will mostly see the ScanStation Pro solution be used in a professional environment, where they need to digitize piles of documents on a daily basis or in copy shops where a flexible and efficient scanner solution is a must.


200 dpi RGB color

17.8 ips


0,1% +/- 1 pixel

Color Space

Adobe RGB / Device RGB / RAW RGB / sRGB


USB 3, Ethernet

Energy Star compliant


File formats

TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, DWF and others

Maximum Media Thickness

0.6 inch (15 mm)

Maximum Media Width

43.3 inch (1100 mm)

Maximum Resolution

9600 dpi

Maximum Scan Width

42 inch (1067 mm)

Nextimage TWAIN

64-bit TWAIN application driver included for use with EDM

Operating System

64-bit Windows OS


Nextimage 5 iOS app, Android tablet/phone OS also

Optical Resolution

1200 dpi


866 (documents / hour)

Stand option

Low stand available



Touch panel / screen

21.5”-Multi Touch Widescreen, Full HD TFT LCD, 1920×1080 dpi

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