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Manual folding of large format drawings is often an annoying operation as it takes too much time with not always satisfactory results. The low volumes normally can not justify the investment for an automatic folding machine.
Not anymore!
The RIG.750 resolves your folding problems as a simple, fast and economical solution, which does not require large floorspace. You can manually insert the sheets without the fear of damaging their precious contents. The RIG.750 assures you a neat result wether the documents were printed on toner or inkjet based printers.

Technical features

  • Automatic folding for sheets up to 92cm width and 2.5m length.
  • Folds any type of documents – even inkjet printed – with excellent quality, just as all other Rigoli folders.
  • It’s silent operation and small footprint makes the RIG.750 adequate for any ambient.
  • Fast and precise: first fold of 6 A0 sheets in a minute.
  • Select the desired folding length of 190 or 210mm with a single button.
  • Parallel folding program with random final.
  • The machine is equipped with collecting basket, stand and wheels.

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