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Online folding system compatible with most important copiers and plotters wide format.

Thanks to the modern technology of plain paper printing, we have become accustomed to produce big quantities of printed copies of large format drawings in a very rapid way. Nowadays automated CAD plotting at design centres, without any need of operator presence, is becoming very frequent. But the really important aim is finishing of the copies for distribution to various offices. Today, thanks to RIG.805, high quality and low price are now finally reached. The online folder RIG.805 is created to permit the folding online with the most common multi-function wide format systems existing in commerce. It executes the fan folding of wide format drawings longer than 3 meters in acompletely automatic way. Besides, it is possible to use RIG.805 offline in order to fold drawings and documents coming out from other printers.

The folder is available in four models:
  • RIG.805 – Fan folder
  • RIG.805R – Fan folder with Rotation A2
  • RIG.805T – Fan and Cross folder
  • RIG.805RT – Fan and Cross folder with Rotation A2
RIG.805 makes the parallel fan folding of the sheet guided by the automatic alignment table, basic model.
RIG.805R – Rotation A2 paper sheets – the folder is endowed with a special feeding table that allows to fold in a correct way the drawings of two formats, A1 and A2, coming from the printing on the same paper roll of format A1. Thus it is possible to fold drawings of formats A0, A1 and A2, coming from a printer with only 2 paper rolls. With 3 rolls you can fold also A3 and A4 which allows to print booklets with correct page order.
RIG.805T does the fan and CROSS folding in one step obtaining the final A4 pack.
RIG.805RT does the fan and CROSS folding and Rotation of A2 paper sheets, obtaining the final A4 pack.
Options (only for mod. RIG.805T and RIG.805RT):
  • FAN FOLD STACKER – for fan folded copies and for copies longer than 3 meters.
  • STACKER ensures ordered accumulation of all folded packs, maintaining the printing sequence. Vertical stacking of up to 200 A0 sheets occupying little space in the work area while fully complying with ergonomic operating requirements.
  • PRE-PUNCHED AUTOMATIC STRIP DEVICE – it is attached in order to file packs in archives without tearing.

Technical features

  • The machine folds paper sheets of up to 92 cm wide and longer that 3 m (fan folding) and up to 3 m (fan and cross folding)
  • Speed in synchronism with the plotter to which it is connected; or up to 17 m/min with manual introduction of paper.
  • Digital technologies with three folding programms:
    • A. Programmed fold – first and last fold perfectly equal in width
    • B. Filing fold with border of 20 mm (configurable for other widths) for files storage
    • C. Parallel fold with random width of last fold (only fan folding)
  • Adjustable folding measurements: 175 to 215mm with 1mm steps
  • Automatic and manual introduction of paper sheets.
  • Automatic rotation of A2 format in model RIG.805R.
  • Interfaccia per PC per selezione da stazione remota del tipo di piega o dell’esclusione della stessa.
  • Silent operation.
  • Support stand on guides.
  • Foldable table for access to the printer.
  • 2 copy trays included in the standard model, that can be replaced by the optional Stacker for A4 packs (only for mod. RIG.805T and RIG.805RT)

CROSS FOLDING (only for RIG.805T and RIG.805RT)

  • Final folding size A4 (210 x 297mm)
  • Fold adjustment 280 to 310mm

Vertical collector – stacker (optional)

  • It allows the neat collection of all the designs folded in A4, maintaining the print sequence.
  • It collects vertically up to 200 A0 formats with minimum space in the room and with full respect for operational ergonomics.


  • Automatic pre-punched adhesive strip applicator of 2-hole type
  • Usable for folding: 190 mm + 20 strip
  • Strip types: plastic or cardboard

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