Electric ROTAX

Electric cutter for accurate and very fast trimming of paper copies and drawings.
Introducing the paper sheet, the starting lever of the rotary blade slider is directly activated by a simple movement of the back of the hand. This new model is equipped with a rigid bar for the slider smooth running to avoid its tiling and consequently blade damage.
  • Completely New design
  • New rigid bar with the blade on ball bearings for cutting of the highest precision and silent functioning

Technical Features

  • Formats: 130, 160, 200 cm.
  • Alimentation: 220 V/50 HZ single phase – 200 W
Model Cut length Length Width Height Weight
Rotax/El-130 1300 mm 1510 mm 460 mm 1040 mm 50 kg
Rotax/El-160 1600 mm 1810 mm 460 mm 1040 mm 56 kg
Rotax/El-200 2000 mm 2210 mm 460 mm 1040 mm 64 kg

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Rotax Elettrica Depliant

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